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Welcome to INARA Training Institute!

Inara Training Institute owner and founder has been delivering tailored education and training solutions for over a decade, helping individuals and businesses achieve their goals and objectives. After founding Inara training Institute, we are proud to announce the introduction of these solution as approved courses by KHDA as well as to announce the first 3D printing as well as  Medical & Equipment planning courses in the Middle East.

Our Purpose & Mission

Whatever your age is, it is never an obstacle to learn and get more knowledge

To advance vocational education and training to develop professional competencies for the future workforce, and foster social and economic development of local and international communities.

Inara Training Institute endeavours to be a professional, community spirited and progressive training body, offering flexible, tailored training and education solutions designed to educate, inspire and motivate individuals and businesses helping you reach and achieve your goals and aspirations.

Our Vision

Our institute will be regarded as the centre of excellence.

An education and Training provider of choice for education development, career commencement and professional development to local and international communities. We are committed to a reputation of excellence in delivering quality education services to, local businesses, domestic and international/local students enabling all to reach and achieve their goals.

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For the first time in UAE ... لأول مرة بالامارات
IELTS UKVI - Life Skills
اسعار خاصة وأوقات مرنة
اضمن نجاحك بنسبة 99%
نساعدك بحجز ... See more

1 year ago

When you buy or take a Class or a Service someone is providing, you are NOT just buying an hour or more of their time… it is much much more than that!!!

You're purchasing not only the ... See more

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CV Writing and Interview Skills - Special rates

1 year ago

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