Arabic Language

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As the official language of the UAE, Arabic language plays a large role in day to day life here. Whilst having the ability to speak or write Arabic is far from essential here, for non-native speakers, it could really set you apart in business and from others. As with all languages there are many dialects, but the most common one for the region is simply a mix however the simplest dialect which is understood all over the Arab world is the Egyptian one. Learn from native experienced and professional teachers and add Arabic to your repertoire and seriously boost you career in the UAE.

Level Outline
1 Numbers
Useful Expression
Topics New Vocabulary
2 Useful Expression
Topics “General + Related to work”
General Grammar
3 Grammar
More practical Level
General Knowledge and exercises

Course emphasis is placed on the development of basic listening and speaking skills. At the end of the course learners should be able to communicate on a basic level with Arabic speakers in United Arab Emirates. The curriculum is designed to provide learning experiences based on real life situations.

  • Spoken oriented training program from beginner to advanced level
  • Qualified and highly interactive native language instructors to provide guidance and motivation
  • Course material in English and Arabic with supporting audio to build on what you learn
  • A creative learning environment and convenient schedule on weekdays and/or weekends
  • Highly qualified and experienced native faculties/instructors
  • Multiple learning options to choose from;
    • Group: morning and evening courses available on weekdays and weekends
    • Private/Semi-Private: flexible timings & locations, tailor made to fit individual needs
  • Class room teaching
  • Communication games—role plays—debates
  • Using A/V resources to increase accuracy and fluency
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