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French Language Courses

Did you know French, along with English, is the only language spoken across five continents? It has a strong influence in the world of fashion, arts, music, theatre as well as food. Recently, there is a growing demand for French-speaking individuals in many multinational companies, especially in these industries. For that, we have designed our classes in a way to make it internationally accredited and available from beginner to advanced levels. Each level course is compromising 10 sessions of 20 hours.
Speak: Learn French with our intensive, regular or weekend courses. We focus on the real-life language situations so you can use it in everyday conversation.
Exam Preparation:  Learn French to prepare for and pass DALF, DEFL, DAEFLE, TEF and/or TCF Exams. The course covers all the skills critical to language learning: reading, writing, listening, speaking, vocabulary, grammar and culture.
Edexcel: Special courses designed specifically for Edexcel.

Our Methodology

Our French courses are carefully designed for adults as well as students and teens.

Our classes give you the opportunity to practice all four skills; speaking, listening, reading and writing. Teachers use a variety of teaching approaches as well as authentic, ‘real life’ material to ensure their students are fully engaged.

The curriculum is designed to provide learning experiences based on real-life situations.

  • Spoken oriented training program from beginner to advanced level
  • Qualified and highly interactive native language instructors to provide guidance and motivation
  • A creative learning environment and convenient schedule on weekdays and/or weekends
  • Highly qualified and experienced native faculties/instructors
  • Multiple learning options to choose from;
    • Group: afternoon and evening courses available on weekdays or weekends
    • Private/Semi-Private: flexible timings, tailor-made to fit individual needs
  • Classroom teaching
  • Using A/V resources to increase accuracy and fluency
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